Wooden wall clocks & Decors are the hottest new decorating trend and one that we all love dearly. We have so many options when it comes to decorating living or dining room, kitchen, or even the front porch. Our wooden products will give you hours of creative pleasure and years of enjoyment as it graces your home, workplace or a shop. We have classic & western styled analog wall clocks made from wood. These clock will add charm to any room in your home. There is a plastic shell casing behind the clocks for batteries. Only one AA battery is required for these clocks. Blisszon wall clocks can be a good gift at housewarmings, weddings and social gatherings. Decorate your home with these wall clocks. Perfect for living room and bedroom. Wall clocks are an inexpensive way to enhance the decor of any room... Wall clocks may sound boring as decorative pieces but if selected with care they can add more meaning and character to the decor of your house. There are people who are passionate about this and take real pains to search for the perfect clock to match the interior of a home and most of the times, when used intelligently, they add an attractive touch to your house. "I love collecting clocks of different kinds. They fascinate me. Every room in my house has a different kind of clock on its walls," says singer, Abhijeet Bhattacharya. Though there are some that have been gifted to him by his admirers and friends, most of them have been personally picked. They are indeed truly intriguing. "Whenever I go abroad I pick up ones that look interesting," he elaborates. Clocks that have a period look and those that are contemporary have both found a place in his house. The most important thing to remember when decorating with wall-clocks is to choose something that you feel represents you and in some way enhances the decor of your room," says Hitesh Somaiya, who has used clocks in interesting patterns to decorate walls. Hanging a wall-clock is pretty much like hanging a pict picture or a painting in a room. It is part of the overall decor. Since wall-clocks are generally inexpensive, you could actually have a collection of them. One of the ways to decorate with wall-clocks is to hang several similar ones in a row, as if they were an art gallery. You can set the clock to display real-time of some popular city in another part of the world. "My sons live abroad and I have placed three clocks showing the time of Chicago, London and India in one single row," says Chandana Sengupta, an artist who has herself designed her Bandra home. All our products are designed and produced in India. We use the highest quality imported plywood for its strength and warp-resistant qualities. Each piece is laser cut for precision and consistency. The stains we use are a custom blend made with an Eco-friendly acrylic base and light-fast pigments that won't fade over time. The finish we use is a high-quality zero VOC varnish that's an earth friendly and safe alternative to traditional wood finishing products. We are always updating our production methods to make our creations as environmentally friendly as possible.