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Adjustable Tripod Stand for Phones

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Adjustable Tripod Stand for Phones


Perfectly Suitable For Mobile Phone Use. It Helps position your mobile phone at any level.

After placing the mobile on the tripod you have to balance it firmly on the available ground. Once balanced and placed its a fully secure mounting and does not shift or slide so you can click your pics without any jitter or blur.

DIMENSIONS: The 9 inch height is including the height of mobile holder plate mounting and 6 inch is the height of tripod legs.Standard universal 1/4-20 screw.

Mobile attachment is compatible with almost all mobiles of screen size up 6 inches. Loosen the bolt which is given on the Tripod & then adjust the attachment accordingly to your tripod & then tight the attachment with the hand itself (No tools require), so that the attachment gets fit to the tripod.

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